GMC Men's Soccer 2017

October 26, 2017

 Photo: Zayn Aga



“Possibly the best division three game Green Mountain has ever played!”

-Head coach Peter Steese

The Green Mountain Men’s Soccer team beat Southern Vermont College in double overtime after a total of 108 minutes of play. The grueling game ended when Brandon Bellissimo claimed to have hit the ball with his pinky toe and let it roll right in.

This game was significant for the whole team, as it was the last game of the season, and the final collegiate game for Griffin Shelor and BB Bellissimo. Griffin was an astonishing goalie during his last game. He had a shutout game (not letting one goal in). Many on the team agreed with John Waddington’s sentiment that, “Griffin had a great game,--played his second shut out of his career--and that is commendable ”. When asked about the win and his own performance Griffin had this to say, “It is really nice. As a goalie, this is something I strive for; it wouldn’t be possible without the boys in front of me”.

When you have a game of one hundred plus minutes you are bound to get some crazy highlights. During the game, every man that played showed incredible athleticism and sportsmanship in the face of a bitter rival that spewed harsh trash talk, while being incredibly physical.


Here are is how some of the Green Mountain Eagles performed:

- Jordan Johnson played in the back and was one of the team's most valuable resources. He was able to distribute the ball anywhere it was needed, while defending masterfully.
- John Waddington was an intimidating force on the field. He was able to get physical and drive the ball up the field with incredible power.
- Deven Rogers was able to get physical while defending the ball and making sure the opposing team was almost never allowed to make a shot on goal.
- Darren Golden was an unstoppable force, dominating the right side of the field at all times. He was able to run faster and win possession of the ball from guys that were twice his size.
- BB Bellissimo was a triple threat. He could run faster than any man on the field, finagled some fancy footwork to get out of rough situations (at one point dribbling through four men), all while having a leg that could send a ball flying into the net like a rocket.
- Cameron Book is largely the heart of the team with his co-captain Griffin Shelor. Cameron, though injured, played all 108 minutes and didn’t drop a beat. He ran laps around the opposition and exemplified what it means to be a world class midfielder.
- Lucas Krauss was not only the comic relief of the group by pranking in good fun the head coach Prof. Steese, but Lucas is a one-man-machine on the field. He, like BB Bellissimo, was a triple threat. He tends to be a midfielder, but he also is able to defend with expert precision and attack with untamed ferocity. He has been doing this all year, and at this game he was unstoppable.
- Griffin Shelor all year has been a captain that the younger players could look up to as a role model. He is academically distinguished and probably the best goalie in the conference. The soccer team is understandably saddened to see him go. However he could not have left on a better note. There is not much more to say other than he had a shutout game all while directing his team and keeping his cool.
- Bobby Buttrick dominated the playing field and was possibly one of the strongest players of the game. Bobby kept his wits about him as a masterful defender, as well as a brutal unforgiving attacker, clearly having masterful skills of the sport of soccer.
- Fin Arnold-Swanstorm was able to occupy one of the best opposing players almost the whole game, while holding his outside lines masterfully. He was also able to drive the ball directly to their goal on several occasions.

The game was a great way to end a hard-fought season. Coaches Peter Steese and Ryan Crozier should be proud of the amazing group that they coached not only to be better players but better men.

Author's notes: I, Zayn Aga, was also a part of the men’s soccer team this year. Cameron Book said about my performance:

“Zayn- hard working striker, who tremendously improved throughout the season. Zayn is a physical player who never gave up. He was determined and was very helpful throughout the season”.

I personally highly encourage anyone not currently in a sport to try and get more involved.
P.S. Darren, Cam and Lucas will always be looking out for you.



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