Wubalubdubdub: Rick and Morty Season Three

November 14, 2017

Photo: Rick and Morty. 


The third season of Rick and Morty ended, and I know I will personally miss watching episodes early Monday mornings with my lovely girlfriend. The TV show came from the minds of Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland; you may know them from “Community”, “Harmontown”, and “The House of Cosbys”. Rick and Morty is a science fiction animated show that explores human problems like, dealing with the divorce of the main character’s parents hidden behind  grand plots. In this article, I will be going through season three and telling you what to prioritize during your binge sessions, as well as some episodes you might want to skip. The following is my ranking of season three’s episodes from worst to best, in my opinion.


10. Rest and Ricklaxation

Episode 6: This episode brought a lot to the table, giving us a deeper understanding of Rick and Morty as characters. We also begin to understand how they see themselves on a deeper level, but in my opinion failed to deliver on what could have been a much more interesting B plot.


9. Rickmancing the Stone

Episode 2: This episode was good but not great. The guest starting of Jole Mcale was great, but some of the jokes fall a little flat and the story jumps around going from a Mad Max hellscape to a fantasy world with no explanation.


8. Vindicators 3: The return of World Ender

Episode 4: This episode does a very good job of parodying Marvel movies and has some great one liners. The characters stumble through “saw like” puzzles, but ultimately without spoiling anything, has a lackluster conclusion.


7. Pickle Rick

Episode 3: Ranking these is getting harder and harder as this show is very good and this is possibly the best season yet. But, Pickle Rick fell a little flat for me as the fight scenes were fantastic, the overarching story was fairly boring as I feel the character building done in the episode was largely forgotten in the next episode.


6. The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

Episode 5: This is a good episode that examines who Jerry really is as a person when him and Rick go to a hotel in a different galaxy that has the gimmick of you can never die while there. Not a bad episode; just one that is fairly standalone and has some great one liners, all while exploring a character that is sometimes overlooked.


5. The Rickturian Canidate

Episode 10: There were a lot of missed opportunities with this episode. It explores the relationship between Rick and the President really well and it is one of the first times we really see Rick go above and beyond to make Morty happy. But for a season finale, there were some disappointments and missed opportunities, such as not exploring “Evil Morty”.


4. The Abc’s of Beth

Episode 9: Exploring Beth’s childhood with a father like Rick is really interesting when you have a father that is a genius like Rick with near unlimited resources. Rick built a magical Rainbow land called “Froupoy Land”. Without spoilers, Beth starts to truly understand who she is and makes a huge choice about what her future holds.


3. Morty Mindblowers

Episode 8: This episode is the series hallmark clip show. They explore random little adventures which makes it an all around awesome watch.


2. The Rickshank Rickdemtion

Episode 1: The season opener delivers on more than a year long wait masterfully. If you haven’t seen the episode, I won’t spoil anything, but it shows Morty and Summer on a quest to save their Grandfather.


1.The Ricklantas Mixup

Episode 7: This episode was masterfully written and shows the depth and range of the show. This episode tells a story of a revolution, police brutality, and a coming of age story in thirty minutes all while delivering heart wrenching emotion and dozens of laughs. Even if you don’t watch Rick and Morty, this episode is highly recommended.

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