Racism=Unfairness.With the same red blood, why should we be differentiated by the color of our skin?

April 25, 2018



    To whomever this letter goes to, I want you to know that racism needs to be addressed in our society. As a young black man, I am not racist, but I have experienced racism before. Racism is still alive. It is all about power, wealth and, authority.  Growing up, I never understood racism because I grew up in a diverse neighborhood. I played with everyone, and in my neighborhood no kid was looked down upon. This was in the late 90’s early 2000’s, but I believe times have changed. I believe we are going backwards, not forwards.

      Racism, to me, is discrimination and prejudiceness against others. I do not believe in judging anyone because you never know what that person might have gone through in their lives.  I believe that we are all born equal and born with one thing in common: Time. What you do with that time will determine the outcome of your future. I believe that everyone has a purpose and we just have to find it, however, I do not believe that a person’s purpose in life is to hate others based on the color of their skin. I do not believe in hatred, but people have to understand that racism is a form of hatred and is historically embedded in our culture. Young people are the future of this country and of the world. The most effective way to educate them is through entertainments because it is the best way to teach them, because they wont know they are being taught!

      Teachers and schools should implement the book "The Myth of Race" and getting every parent to read The Color of Man" to their children and get people to educate themselves because the schools cannot and do not always outright teach inequality and the reality of racism in their classrooms. It is upon us to get the message out there and for people to take action because young people are taught racism at a young age and don't even know what their practicing.

As said by Nathan Rutstein, “Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance,” and I agree with this statement wholeheartedly because people do not want to be aware of social consciousness. An article by Willie Lynch “The Making of a Slave,” that was published on December 25, 1712 display such ignorance and the tactics that are listed in the article are the tactics that are implemented in our society today! As said by Lynch, “Don't break a sweat trying to physically make the negro behave, break the spirit of the negro”. In the society that we are presently in and the psychological warfare that Black people are being engaged in and experiencing from day to day is rarely acknowledged. Systematic oppression is real. Jane Elliot does bring up the fact that “No one is born racist, there is no gene for racism, this is about power and ignorance and because of that ignorance, people see skin color as a problem,” and with Lynch’s quote this exact ignorance can be seen.

     The first modern people to evolve on this earth was people of color and it's now time for people to unlearn the ignorance of racism, and learn true history! I believe people and myself need to educate yourself and evolve out of this chaos to make the world a better place!

Change consist of following the steps of our countries leaders, white or black and coming together for a cause. To end stupidity and erase the brainwashing cycle our country has been facing for years!!!









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